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Google Analytics / 1 Domain

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Google Analytics

Set up GA tracking (goal / e-commerce / event) depending on needs

Always contact us prior to ordering. We want to make sure we can help you get the best results.

- Do you require efficient data insights on your platform/website?

- Do you find the analytics interface complex and feel overwhelmed by incoming data?

- Do you feel overwhelmed by all the features and JUST need an efficient tracking setup?

- Do you want to measure conversion points with GA but don't know how to do it yourself?

Then let's get to work

What we will do for this gig:

- Audit your current GA setup (if applicable)

- Set up effective Google Analytics configuration custom to your needs

- Reporting dashboards based on your KPIs

Combining analytical talent of digital marketing experience; Netkappa has all the tools to help you track and convert your audiences.

Custom request? Send us a message

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