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Terms & Conditions

The material of the website i.e. banner texts belongs to you and after uploading the website and your payment for it, it can be delivered to you and you can use it wherever you like or modify it at will.

The site after its uploading and payment, it belongs to you so you will be given full access codes. At the same time in case of loss of password and if the site is hosted on our server there will be a reissue of these codes at your request at any time.

We are in no way responsible for the material or photographs you provide to us, as they are regarded as genuine material or licensed for republishing and use. The same applies to any material posted after the site has been delivered. In case of your own fault in the delay of sending material or translations after the presentation of the first demo of your website you will be asked to pay for the website

In case of posting the website on the internet, even if there are pending issues, payment and invoicing will have to be made and we are committed to ending the pending cases.

The site is based on high quality Opensource software with a lot of features. If any add-ons are not covered by the software, they will be requested by the manufacturer and any costs the client may incur.

Estimated prices are based on the number of days we calculate that we will need to satisfy everything you have told us and we have agreed that you want to succeed. However, if you have changed your mind, want to add additional pages or page templates or even new aspects to the functionality outside of the agreed, we will have to agree on the cost of the additional changes, which will be calculated based on their estimated completion time.

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